Integral Psychotherapy

Entering Therapy

Entering into the therapeutic relationship each client comes to an initial meeting, and by creating a safe space for thinking and talking, both unresolved feelings and thoughts can be spoken. We mutually decide what kind of approach suits individual dispositions and the healing work that can be engaged, including: Bio-energetics, Energy Healing, Art therapy, and Jungian dream work. The therapies I offer are complementary and I often find people require a combination of therapies in their process.

Integral Therapy

I combine relational therapy, Jungian-oriented therapy, bioenergetics and energy healing in a dynamic, deep, caring and respectful practice that I call Integral Psychotherapy. This is an energy-based therapy integrating an Eastern understanding of the chakra system and energybody, with Western psychology. Your unique therapy journey is meant to work with and support the art of your soul.

Relational Therapy

The therapy hour is an opportunity to experience and experiment with ways of being in relationship with another.

You are received in a safe and allowing environment where I offer my complete presence for you to explore your inner processes in-depth.

You may re-experience places in yourself where you have had difficulty in relationships, as you and your therapist evolve in connection together. The therapist, by also holding an objective and trained perspective, can provide new insights to old patterns of relating.

As well, new ways of relating will evolve as you gently bring the authentic person you hold inside you into the relationship.

The therapist, by continually holding herself accountable to serve your merging self, must serve as a finely tuned instrument to subtly enrich your relationship with yourself and others.

Jungian-Oriented Psychotherapy

Jungian-oriented psychotherapy explores the mysteries of the psyche, including both one’s personal journey and the archetypal/universal experience of existence.

By using dream material, both you and your therapist have a way of exploring the unique essence of your unconscious. This provides the opportunity to understand and live more deeply and fully, choosing consciously the life that has always been there for you.

Psychotherapy is a re-education of the individual at both the conscious and unconscious levels. The Psychotherapist provides an environment to “be with” the client, including: mirroring of life experiences, empathy, awareness of transference, the therapeutic relationship, and confidentiality.

You are able to explore yourself in a different way, uncovering unknown parts of the self. As the shadow material of the personal psyche is linked to the archetypes, energy will be released to feed your life blood – be it to pursue love, career, or a more creative existence.

Receiving your inner child helps heal unmet developmental needs and allows the soul to be born. Your own feminine and masculine energies are recognized and encouraged to flourish in the “dance of life.”


Bioenergetics is a body-mind approach to intrapsychic and interpersonal conflict. An understanding of the development of character structures and defense mechanisms allows the therapist to provide a context for the process of healing.

Bioenergetics uses breath work and exercises to help you access memories and feelings held in your body. Working with chronic muscular tension, the client enters into a trusting relationship with the therapist to gently and respectfully loosen the body.

New movement patterns will emerge and will allow you to integrate new thoughts and feelings into your life. By working with the energetic processes of your body, mistrustful and wounded places can be released, liberating the restrictions and distortions that can limit life choices.

On this path, you can discover the original essence of your existence, complete with its strengths and unique meaning.

Energy Healing

The concept of a life energy that pervades the universe and gives life to all things is a practical approach to life and healing. When the stresses of daily living disrupt the movement of life energy, our mind, body, and spirit are all affected. The blockage of life energy leads to physical illness and emotional problems.

In energy healing, the therapist’s hands are gently placed on healing centers of your body. These centers are related to issues of survival, emotions and sexuality, will and power, love, voice and creativity, spirituality and universal connection.

Energy healing provides a way of accessing these issues, enabling you and your therapist to take the first steps to transforming them and moving towards a healthier and freer existence.

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The therapies I offer are complementary and I often find people require a combination of therapies in their process.

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