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As a child, writing poetry and looking at the stars kept me sane! My childhood search for meaning has guided me in my life quest and my healing journey. I believe that a transpersonal focus or finding a deeper meaning in a person’s life is integral to healing.

A life-long sense of an existence larger than myself, something that I term a healing force, has and continues to compel me to offer a therapy practice. I believe that human beings come into life and exist through life with an innate healing force, despite the co-existence of wounding. I believe that it is in releasing the energy of woundedness – at the darkest point – where “God,” or the grace of a person’s natural capacity to heal, comes to meet us.

Therapy is a carefully activated dialogue – activating both the healing and the wounded energies in a person. When these energies are activated in the therapeutic relationship, there always needs to be the intention to do no harm. My role as a therapist is in creating a safe space, and practicing from my foundational training in nursing to “do no harm,” in the words of Florence Nightingale.

I am always listening to activate creative energy because I believe we are all creative – that we are meant to be this way – and I am always listening to find someone’s creative energy.

My practice offering holistic, client-centred therapy is based in my belief that my role as a therapist is to provide the tools to work with the inherently healing force within each individual. I believe a person has to work with their whole being – the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit – to effect healing. It is in the relationship between the various realities of a person that healing is released.

I believe that the therapist in the room is a vehicle to allow healing forces to enter, and that the therapist’s ego needs to be kept out of the healing process. What I want is for people to leave feeling deeply honored and respected for who they are.

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My childhood search for meaning has guided me in my life quest and my healing journey.

Sharon Earle-Meadows
Integral Psychotherapist
The Beaches
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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